If a man admitted using a fake name & Social Security number to the tax preparer is this not a crime?

From the man to the tax preparer and why is the ACUL filing a lawsuit because of this ?After authorities investigated thousands of tax files for bogus Social Security numbers used by illegals to steal refunds, the ACLU responded with a class-action lawsuit – but now a Colorado district attorney is fighting back. The Weld […]


Should we feel sorry for this family because of “their” bad choices?

The American Dream turns into a debtor’s nightmare A sad, but common, tale starts with alleged predatory lending, intensifies with impossibly high payments and usually ends in foreclosure. By Jennifer Delson and and Christopher Goffard, Los Angeles Times Staff Writers October 8, 2007 Soledad Aviles dreamed for years of owning a home, with a plot […]


Did the 2000 Stock Market Implosion Fueled By Clinton’s restrained SEC lead 2 today’s housing Market Failure?

When the SEC failed to do its job due to B Clinton stopping them to try to prove the false premise that you could have economic growth with tax increases and to try to seal his legacy with a fraud did his policies lead us here? When the fraud was found out the Fed lowered […]

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