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Looking for legal advice from lawyers?

I worked for a company as a sub-contractor. They work for banks doing property preservation services.They owe my company more than 10,000 dollars and refuse to pay it all. The first check they sent was not endorsed, the second one is not the right amount and has omissions and the third one has never arrived. […]


Class action or company misleading fraud help?

I am an investor in stocks and in one certain stock, (let’s call it ABCDE) a CEO of it gave out misleading information, boldly claiming success. however, ABCDE has failed miserably and sustained losses from a lot of investors including me. i am wondering what we can do to compensate each other and what our […]


Does anyone remember that Wall Street bankrupted Wisconsin's pensions?

It’s not that the public union members get large pensions, it’s that the state invested their pensions in securitized mortgages on Wall Street. Then, the big banks and financiers engaged in criminal fraud and incompetence, and all that money evaporated. Now Conservatives, who are trying to prevent the regulation and prosecution of crime on Wall […]


Does using the phrase "in my opinion" or IMO on message boards shield a person from fraud?

On the Yahoo Finance Message Boards, there are a number of posters who are known as "bashers" or "pumpers" who continually post false or deliberately misleading information, for the purpose of influencing trading behavior of the readers of the boards. In other words, if they want you to sell, they will tell you how bad […]


Why do I see commercials saying that police are "cracking down" on insurance fraud?

but nothing saying that they’re cracking down on illegal immigrants? It is b/c that they’re not? Are the ads b/c the insurance companies are pushing them? They say insurance fraud hurts everyone, but that’s only because insurance companies pass their losses onto their customers. I’ve also seen commercial with messages like "don’t steal". How about […]


is Credit Default Swaps on subprime mortgages the biggest insurance FRAUD in history?

Credit Default Swaps: So the banks were betting on the failure of all the subprime mortgages that they issued. The banks made a fortune when the economy started to collapse and lots of people defaulted on their subprime mortgages. Yet the banks LIED to Congress and demanded a bail out to cover their losses when […]


How do I find a good securities fraud attorney?

A brokerage firm/broker invested my money very inappropriately. I have contacted several attorneys, who feel I have a good case/good chance of getting some of my money back. I’ve found attorneys who work on 33% contingency basis, and who do not charge me anything if I do not collect. I would like to be able […]


Question for an economic expert?

If there are any economic experts out there, I have a question: How is the financial bailout not a bailout of Wall Street? Please correct me if my understanding of the situation is in error. Here is what I ‘think’ the deal is: In recent years, mortgages were allowed to be bundled based on risk […]


Foremost Insurance Co. Anyone had them cancel or Recind a policy after a claim was put in?

A year ago I tried to find any one else that had their Home owners policy Recinded or Canceled after they put in a claim for Loss with Foremost Insurance Co.??? Without any luck, so am trying again…. I had a burgulary and when I sought to recover and put in a claim for the […]


please i need help with this essay of mice and men?i will 10 points to helper.?

first i am an ESL student. i wrote this essay but my teacher said it is wrong. how can this. when the book ends what happened the the rest of the characters after Lennie deaths? and i must use 1st person: The Great Depression is a difficult time in America. Many people are affected by […]

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