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Liberals, so health insurance companies give bonuses to people who deny coverage?

This is another example of fact taken OUT OF CONTEXT. There is such a thing as MEDICAL FRAUD. Example: Someone gets in a wreck and claims they were severely injured so they can sue and get lots of money. This HURTS hospitals and insurance companies. If, however, you prove that it is a fraud, you […]


If a U.S. born female marries a man who lies about his status & intentions, can she be held responsible?

She never signed any INS forms, the marriage never even got beyond the ceremony, because the groom disappeared & had no contact with the broken hearted girl until he decided to contact her apx 6 months later to tell her to sign his paperwork so he could stay in the US as a student & […]


Is it possible if you commit facebook identity theft you can defend yourself & win hiring a team of lawyers?

This is just a hypothetical question.Would it be possible if you had millions of dollars to defend yourself as well hiring a team of lawyers?While at the same time the other party not pressing charges. Also can one with lots of money make up evidence that it was another person that used the individual to […]


Credit Fraud alert on my file…i can't check my credit…why?

I was sent 350 dollars from my mother in law through money gram. they wouldnt release the funds to me, said she had to call in. they claimed that someone with my name had been recieving lots of money grams and was under investigation for money laundering. I was freaked out, but after a few […]


Does anyone know an email address to report food stamp fraud?

I’m looking for an email address to report a food stamp fraud case to. I’m wanting to report this and have been told to contact the Division of Family Resources but when you call that all you get is a recording. I would like to contact someone to report it. Thanks for your help in […]


Help!!! I am worried that I am in trouble with the law!!!! SUGAR DADDY FRAUD!?

OK- so i was dating this guy who has been financially supporting me for the past 2 years including giving me his credit card number and me making online purchases. He also has offered me a place to live which he would rent out for me and has given me thousands of dollars in cash. […]


How can I prove divorce fraud/ money embezzlement?

I was married for over 30 yrs, I went through a divorce and I am sure my ex-husband moved lots of money form our retirement and stocks (hundreds of thousands of dollars) right before the divorce with the help of his new wife whom was his HR Manager. She help him move money form his […]


Is this welfare fraud?

If a woman who has one child (under one year old) and lives with the father of the child, but is not married to him constitute welfare fraud? She has stated that she can’t get married because their combined income would make her ineligible to receive food stamps or her "check". She has a full […]


infomercial broker job in irvine is a big scam?

infomercial broker job in irvine ca, itv ventures is a big fraud. They will make you pay lots of money up front and scam people.

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