I need some quick legal advice pertaining to fraud Please.?

Unfortunately my fiance’s father passed away in April and there was a life insurance policy she was unaware that her and her mother were listed as the sole beneficiaries on the policy. He fathers ex business partner know about the policy and arranged a meeting saying they were entitled to some money from this insurance […]


Cross Examination MOCK TRIAL!!!?

OK, so i’m a first time lawyer and i was given the assignment to cross someone The person I’m crossing’s name is Ryan Williams. He is defending his friend Shawn Miller who has been accused of securities fraud while managing a his own stocks company. Anyways, Ryan Williams had known Shawn Miller for a long […]


Ohio Unemployment / Insurance Fraud Laws – Help?

Hubby is dealing with a manager who has directed him to lie to an insurance adjustor that will be coming in the next week or so to assess wind damage to the buildings. Mr. Manager gave this direction to two out of three employees (the third was at lunch). This company has previously refused (and […]

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