HELP need some advice for case of international fraud?

So a friend of mines and his associates from China ordered around 750k worth of luxury cars from this dealership called 888 auto in California. This was around 3 months ago and they never received their vehicle which was to be headed for Tianjin port. They have tried to contact this person many times but […]


What can we do about Medicaid fraud?

I recently reported a couple of people who are on Medicaid and have more money then god, just because they don’t feel like paying for health insurance, and the people at the state department of health and hospitals sent a letter to them and then nothing else. I’ve called so many times and they treat […]


What is up with the Jena 6 fraud?

I hear that the families of the Jena 6 have used our donations to buy brand new luxury cars? Is this true? Is this legal? If this is true I want my money back, I drive a p.o.s. and they take my money, which I donated for their legal defense, and they buy new cars?

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