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Will this guy actually call the fbi on me since he is committing fraud?

About a month ago I listed a drumset on craigslist (this was my first time ever on the site so I decided to give it a try) Within a day I had someone interested in the item so I was excited…they sent me mail saying that they wanted to see pictures and know conditions etc. […]


Can anybody tell me if this letter from UK is a hoax/fraud?

Dear Nurse, We are an American family working and living in London United Kingdom. My name is ——– I have a wife and a daughter. My wife —– and my daughter —— who is Four years old. I work with Gallery Group UK a reputable Oil and Gas company in the United Kingdom. I work […]


Is this social security and welfare fraud?

My ex applied for SSI for an alleged back condition in order to get his child support reduced to {content} until application was processed. He received welfare in the interim even though he was tattooing for cash out of his subsidized housing unit and got evicted when when landlord found out. He was keeping his […]


seperated from ex husband but he some how is able to keep changing my mailing address?

he is opening up a credit card in my name he is a loan officer and some how figured out i checked my credit he changed my mailing address 4 times already and is opening up my mail what do i do i dont have money for a lawyer…he is very good at fraud and […]


Obama has done (and still is doing) social security fraud!?

This is "What Obama doesn’t want you to see" it’s pretty long, running 9:50, yet very informing – i you get tired of watching it, fast forward to the end – it mentions Obama doing social security fraud. Here’s an important one about Robert Gibbs, who is the White House Press Secretary. He’s the […]


Can I get reimbersed for child support since my ex has been lying to domestic relations and the welfare dept.?

My ex and I have a four year old son together. I have been living in the same address as her since we met six years ago. She has been on SSI and welfare before we ever met. When our son was born it struck me odd that I was ordered to pay 0 a […]


How do you report Gmail fraud to Google?

Specifically, I’m looking for a mailing address to either a fraud department or a legal department. I want to send a letter. I know their corporate headquarters address is 1600 Amphitheatre Pkwy, Mountain View, CA 94043. Is this the right place? Is there a specific department I should send to? It’s difficult to find contact […]

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