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custody order based in criminal fraud?

Need help with analysis of a custody order, which was the result of family abduction (by paternal grandparents). Parents attempted to move with children, to put a stop to ongoing manipulation, harrassment, false reports to cps, and abuse towards the parents. Grandmother tricked son into filing for divorce, then snatched grandchildren when parents chose to […]


Why did the Democrat Party refuse to send absentee ballots to military personnel?

The State of Illinois has a Democrat Governor, Democrat controlled House, Democrat controlled Senate, Democrat Mayor of Chicago, Democrat controlled board in a Democrat controlled County. My state has a very, very long proven history of voter fraud and intimidation by the Democrat Party. It’s been proven over and over again that Republican Richard Nixon […]


I need a lawyer to sue my mother who has ruined my life ?

Since I was a young kid my mother has mentally and physically abused me but more mental! she does credit card fraud and has also ruined MY credit and took everything for herself and I also lost a 250,000.000 dollar judgement to save her ass for something she had everything to do with and I […]


how many grams per metric ton of gold are required to be profitable to recover?

With the recent run-up in gold prices, I’ve been getting gold mining stock offers daily. I’m attempting to do some research to determine if any of them are actually viable or if they are some kind of stock scheme. As a result I am looking at securities filings for these companies but I am stymied […]


Did anyone see Jon Stewart hammer Jim Kramer on The Daily Show?

What were your thoughts? Personally, I loved it. I would like to send this sort of message all the way up to the top of these major corporations, such as what CNBC is a part of. I respect Jon Stewart for being the voice for all of us who are the working middle class and […]


Will you ever trust the stock market again?

Once or IF I get my money back I will NEVER put another dime in wallstreet again. They got me in 2000-2003 and now again in 2008-2009…..Never again. I bet I’m not the only one that will never trust it. And mutual fund managers are total clueless too. I have done better in trading then […]

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