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Are We Heading for another recession?

U.S. Downgrade Slams Stocks Worldwide- Breakout Stocks are getting slammed, reportedly in response to Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the U.S. credit rating from AAA to AA+. But S&P’s downgrade isn’t the only culprit. Welcome to the new world disorder- The Daily Ticker U.S. debt remains ‘gold standard’- WSJ AIG sues BofA for billion alleging […]


are you worried the republican powers that be and the republican voting machine companies are going to steal ?

another election? will it ever stop if they do and we do nothing again? I feel we need to force the truth somehow and get prosecutions for all involved and make the people getting rich off this foot some of the economic woes they caused and the massive amounts of money they made off politicians. […]


Fraud opportunities in Obamacare ?

Veterans Health Care is devoid of fraud because V.A. Doctors are non-profit salaried employees of Veterans Administration Hospitals who get paid the same amount whether they perform 1 surgery a month or 150 surgeries a month. On the other hand, Medicaid is government health care which is rampant with fraud partly because the Doctors are […]


Is this an accurate summary of the war on terror?

Foresight of terror attack is ignored. Ex-Halliburton CEO makes alarming revelation: Saddam was behind 9/11. Texas oilman invades oil-rich country to… oh… it’s anybody’s guess. U.S. corporation Halliburton accepts cost-plus, no-bid contract to feed and house troops. Texas oil man uses fear to push agendas for four years while Iraq burns. Thousands die. Army outsources […]


Does it irritate you to see younger people on Social Security Disability instead of working?

I’ve employed thousands over the years and saw massive fraud where employees fake a bad back and end up being good enough actors to get on SS Disability for the rest of their lives. These parasites are the same ones who are up on their homes, roofing them and out riding dirt bikes or Hunting […]


What Presidential candidate was the corporate counsel for White Water Real Estate Development?

Where almost all the principles went to prison for fraud? This candidate’s defense was ignorance of the activity. Would you REALLY want a lawyer who could not recognize massive FRAUD to be the President of the USA?


How come that very few people who committed fraud during the real estate boom never got prosecuted?

Massive fraud were committed in the real estate industry during the boom, but very few went to jail. There were a lot of stories how real estate agents, brokers, lenders falsifies documents to get loans, etc. Overall, very few people got prosecuted and went to jail.

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