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please help me i my go bankrupt answer thease question please?

i want to the bank and he told me thease question please answer i in debt Mia’s meeting with the bank manager was successful and he agreed to give her the £5000 loan.The next day she had a meeting with the business adviser.He told mia that she must record all her financial transactions and take […]


Fraud Phone Call, Con man has my SSN?

A con man made a call claiming to be an officer from Department of Revenue. He said that I applied for LLC business license, but failed to complete paperwork. I was panic when I heard someone tried to file for LLC under my name. The guy said my ssn over the phone and asking is […]


How can I prevent identity theft when my social security card got stolen?

help I’m really nervous it just got stolen today and i don’t know what to do. Who do I contact and what measures will they take?


Given the general acceptence that fraud is prevelent within the supportive medical programs that are in effect?

at this very moment. And given the general acceptance the fraud has been ongoing for YEARS. Wouldn’t it be prudent to say that the government CANNOT be trusted to run Nationalized Health Care without multibillion dollars worth of fraud in the future? This is in continuence to a question I posted earlier: (How do you […]

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