Is there a status of limitation on Medi-cal Fraud?

A quit claim deed transferred real property from one party to an executrices so that the equity of the real property would not be used for the owner’s medical bills. The family was told that there was a will executed by the original owner of the property to be disseminate to the owner’s children in […]


Identity theft?

To give the medi-cal worker my ex’s S.S. Number from his dog tags (not in army anymore) that he gave me, so he can be ordered to come do a Paternity Test? He doesn’t want to step up and be a man, and I told him I was going to give them his S.S. number […]


Going to court for child custody?

Help with child custody and medi cal fraud and tax evasion? I’m going through a child custody battle and my son’s mother is trying to take my son from me. I have a few questions, because if I can prove that she is a liar then I may have a good shot of having my […]

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