Welfare fraud? Please help!?

I applied to my states medicaid program for my new baby and made a huge mistake. When applying I was under the impression I was only to report current income. So I did. When the lady dealing with my application called me asking for the three months prior my application date as well I sent […]


medicaid fraud? asked for letter of termination from health insurance?

My husband pays a good amount in child support and is required to provide health insurance for his son that lives in California. Since my husband can only get insurance for himself through his company, he pays for our families independent health insurance. My name is on as the policy holder. I switched health insurance […]


Could this impeach all the liberals who voted to take over health care due to fraud, and system abuse?

see: http://www.pbs.org/nbr/site/onair/transcripts/final_health_care_push_100319/ pay special attention to: The HHS inspector general’s office has the power to kick executives out of the Medicare and Medicaid program, effectively ending their career in health care. It’s already done it. Three top executives … See more at Purdue Frederick, which illegally marketed the painkiller Oxycontin are now appealing their 12-year […]

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