Why is Kentucky privatizing its medicaid program with a company accused of government fraud?

Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear is spearheading the privatization of Medicaid in the state, a move that will restrict services for the program’s 815,000 enrollees. More than one in five residents in the state depend upon the health care program for the poor. Private companies will begin managing care for most recipients of Medicaid by October […]


How could anyone believe that adding ?

I investigated Medicaid Fraud and some Medicare Fraud for the government for over 25 years . I observed that Medicaid , as a " public option ", often attracted the worst Doctors who rendered the worst medical care and defrauded the government out of the most money. Most of these Medicaid Providers ( Doctors ) […]


Fraud opportunities in Obamacare ?

Veterans Health Care is devoid of fraud because V.A. Doctors are non-profit salaried employees of Veterans Administration Hospitals who get paid the same amount whether they perform 1 surgery a month or 150 surgeries a month. On the other hand, Medicaid is government health care which is rampant with fraud partly because the Doctors are […]

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