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If illegals can use document fraud for medical care why can't everybody else do it ? Why should we pay when?

If illegals can use document fraud for medical care why can’t everybody else do it ? Why should we pay for the same medical care, when illegals are getting it all free of charge ?


How could anyone believe that adding ?

I investigated Medicaid Fraud and some Medicare Fraud for the government for over 25 years . I observed that Medicaid , as a " public option ", often attracted the worst Doctors who rendered the worst medical care and defrauded the government out of the most money. Most of these Medicaid Providers ( Doctors ) […]


Democrats, isn't it time to stop begging Obama to do what he promised and instead get mad?

By Chris Hedges The right-wing accusations against Barack Obama are true. He is a socialist, although he practices socialism for corporations. He is squandering the country’s future with deficits that can never be repaid. He has retained and even bolstered our surveillance state to spy on Americans. He is forcing us to buy into a […]


Is there a California hotline to report UnitedHealth & Blue Cross/Shield failures to properly pay claims?

My relative’s very ill and we just get the runaround while Blue Cross and Blue Shield avoid, delay, lose paperwork, and basically fail to pay claims even on standard and pre-authorized medical care. Now that New York brought these frauds to light with United Healthcare and Ingenix what is California doing? Is there a hot […]


Is health care billing a fraud?

My wife’s HMO just sent us a summary statement of medical care bills and payments for all of 2008. You tell me — doesn’t this amount to grand fraud? 1. total charges [excluding double billing caused by HMO delaying for months] 33,343.80 2. Allowed by contract [also includes 437.37 that hasn’t yet been been ruled […]


Are nursing homes in America a fraud?

to bilk people into medical care not needed and to allow them to die without legal and law enforcement protection due to ‘internal transmitters’ into food supplies. Doctors, hospitals, and especially funeral homes are the business to be in.


need some legal advice about my brother’s kids?

my brother and his girlfriend have 3 children 4,2 and 1 year the kids live with my aunt and uncle who provide for them but nobody takes them to the doctor the 4 year old has been once since he left the hospital the other kids have never been fo a checkup at all.My aunt […]


What is insurance fraud as it applies to HMOs?

1. When people fake being sick so they can see doctors and the doctors get paid by HMOs. 2. When HMOs promise to pay for medical care and never pay for it.


I would like to know if a woman who marries another man but still uses her ex husband’s insurance ?

for medical care due to her pregnancy for her husband’s child considered insurance fraud?


SENIORS: How will Ron Paul’s health care proposals will benefit elderly dependent on Medicare?

I like his ideas regarding herbal and alternative medicines, but I am concerned about the eldery in United States. They seem to have been neglected in favor of "welfare" recipients. I am sick of welfare fraud and abuse of medical care in this country – who is looking out for the eldery? The dems give […]


welfare fraud how it affects the child?

if a parent is found guilty of welfare fraud..what happens to the childs benefit..because i understand in some cases or maybe all cases?? you lose all your benefits for good…how does the parent provide medical care for there child does the child have to go without medical because of the parents dumb mistakes?? or am […]


Which would be right. Health Care or Reduce the greed and fraud in the Medical Industry?

The high cost of Medical Care would be cut tremendously if the greed, fraud and abuse was taken out of it. But yet most Americans want the taxpayer to pay for all of it.

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