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Is this Medicare fraud? What will happen to me for this mistake?

2 years ago I became the emergency legal guardian for my mother because my brother was using his power of attorney to steal things from her. I admitted her into the nursing home and filled out a form of her assets. I knew she had a funeral policy that she had paid for 30 years. […]


Medical costs…Would this work…and if not, why not?

Why not forget private or public insurance for the regular everyday medical costs that we all should be incurring? Things like screening for certain illnesses or conditions, doctors office visits, x rays, etc. and use the private OR public insurance program ONLY for catastrophic illnesses. People of all income groups would be charged for services […]


Fiance's Medical Bills?

I am engaged to be married later this year. A few weeks ago, my fiance was in an accident which required 3 spinal surgeries and over 2 weeks hospital room and board. He is attempting to get Worker’s Comp to pay this case as it was work related and also is applying for medicaid in […]


Can we trust Congressional Budget Office on their estimate of health care costs?

Oopsy. Turns out public option will not keep private insurance companies honest it will only increase fraud and theft and profits of tort layers, contrary to Obama and Pelosi claims. What a bunch of clowns. WASHINGTON – Democrats’ health care bills won’t meet President Barack Obama’s goal of slowing the ruinous rise of medical costs, […]

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