How many Doctors will get suspended from practicing medicine for writing the false Doctor Excuses in Wi?

Masterminding the effort are rogue medical doctors committing medical fraud by carrying out obviously contrived conversations with protestors then writing them doctors’ notes to excuse them from work for such things as "fatigue" or "emotional stress." What we have, then, is a tag team of fraud: The teachers who have abandoned their public duties and […]


Kevin Trudeau may be fraud but his message is right on, why don't more americans get naturally cured?

Seems many people believe doctors and believe that medicine is the best solution. But it isn’t, we’re just lazy and don’t want to study and find out about natural cures. Is that the reason? We’re lazy???? Also, do you think Medical doctors are brainwashing society. I do think so. I’ve had doctors tell me i […]


How much of our health care crisis/deficit is a direct consequence of patient care?

Does anyone know the breakdown of our national healthcare deficit? What is the actual cost of nurses, hospital maintenance and ancillary positions that affect patient care and needs for how many patients annually? What is the actual cost of medical doctors reimbursements for how many patients annually? What is the actually cost of salaries to […]

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