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Since the US was essentially broke in early August, what happened to the new Obama health care tax revenues?

CBO said the immediate taxes on medical equipment etc were going to make Obama Care save money, but it seems they must have squandered it all if they were ready to default. What happened to the 500 billion in fraud that was supposed to make Obama Care break even? I have heard they have found […]


Wouldn't it have been better for the Obamacare Police to have looked the other way and not arrested the?

doctors for Medicare Fraud? After all, they were just taking money out of a corrupt government run system and putting it back in the hands of the public where it belongs. And they were stealing money that had already been stolen from the tax payer. That 1.5 Billion they allegedly stole was being plowed back […]


The City of Miami alone has had $3 billion a year in medicare fraud: do you still want "guvment" health care? The first strike force started in 2007 in Miami, a city authorities say is responsible for more than billion a year in Medicare fraud. Clinic owners there would bill Medicare dozens of times for the same wheelchair, while never giving the medical equipment to patients. Paul: your personal attacks have no relevence to the […]


Thinking of buying a medical supply business. Owners claim Medicare has audited for fraud. How to confirm?

My brother is thinking of buying a medical supply business (wheelchairs, medical equipment, etc.) The vast majority of revenue comes through Medicare reimbursement. I'm concerned about the potential that much of their reported revenue is due to fraud. I don't necessarily have a basis for this but just want to make sure. Anyone know where […]

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