What are your views on "Health Care"?

Doctors, corporate hospitals, drug companies and home heath providers are some of the most profitable and riches people in this country. Nothing is said about the inflated “High Cost” of medical care. Social Security is being robbed blind by fraud and abuse by the Medical Industry. Insurance companies and individuals are paying extreme prices for […]


Do any candidates have a plan other than insurance paid by the working class to cover everyone?

Aside from actual costs to manage a medical facility, the invention of insurance has generated additional costs that have nothing to do with treating or preventing illness/childbirth. Health care fees has become grossly inflated with expenses that have nothing to do with actual health: Cost of insurance coverage added to salaries and our taxes to […]


Is health care billing a fraud?

My wife’s HMO just sent us a summary statement of medical care bills and payments for all of 2008. You tell me — doesn’t this amount to grand fraud? 1. total charges [excluding double billing caused by HMO delaying for months] 33,343.80 2. Allowed by contract [also includes 437.37 that hasn’t yet been been ruled […]

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