Am I committing government fraud?

Okay, so I am a dependent of a person in the military and am about to get married and will technically be no longer eligible for Tricare or using the military doctors/medical facilities, but I have a doctors appointment with a military doctor, she however does not know that I will be married, I hear […]


if medicare and caid fraud is 25% shouldn't they hire more investigators to stop that instead of IRS agent?

With the amount at almost 0 billion for this year that would be quite a savings. throw in fines, no telling how much. There is so much fraud and waste it is like the hospitals and others are just going crazy. They now have over four hundred of these extended stay medical facilities and they […]


Medical ID theft in another state….will the police really do anything to help me? Any other advice?

I’m in Texas, and used to be a resident of Michigan. I moved in 2003. I found out today that someone used my information (my maiden name, date of birth, social security number) to receive medical services at 2 different facilities for their child in 2006 in Michigan. I have not been back to Michigan […]

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