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How can we help the House Republicans wake up to the need for increased revenues?

Trickle down was a lie.They said private funders would pick up the slack at the Red Cross,never happened.Welfare fraud needs a hotline and cost containment in the medical field so all this would never have happened!!Get over the petty life robbing bickering for God sake!!


im a victim of check fraud what can i do?

i recieved a check from company for secret shopper opportunity. The check was for 4,995.00, the money split up into different places one a money gram, a selection of stores, and 300.00 to me for doing the task. i thought it was a little fishy so i googled it and websites checked out okay. i […]


Psychiatrist is a fraud? What can I do?

Earlier this year, I went to a psychiatrist who destroyed my mental well being and made it very clear to me that he absolutely didn’t want me to contact him unless I had an appointment with him so he could make his 200 plus bucks an hour. I overheard him tell his secretary to tell […]


Your opinion as to why insurance costs (medical) are so high? What do you think can be done?

I’ve worked in insurance & the medical field & the fraud that goes on is a huge cause of high ins costs. More should be done to crack down on the people & institutions committing the fraud. In the hospital I worked at, during a surgery case you maybe used two strips of elastoplast to […]


Obama says he is going to pay for his expensive health plan by cutting waste and fraud from the medical field.?

why doesn’t he just cut the waste and fraud from Medicare and keep that plan? We seniors like Medicare. The plan he has will drive us trillions more in debt. He is pretty tricky with his words. Obama said this..sorry guys. Having worked in law enforcement and the medical field I know what to do..but […]


Family member is acting unrationally how do I get help for her?

Over Xmas my sister and I had a disaggrement over a house I have contracted the purchase of from her. But that is not the big problem. She is maliciously tring to cancel my contract. She is alienating her self from the family, she is conducting fraud, she thinks everyone is against her, She is […]

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