Skeptics to the paranormal: Do you think medical marijuana is a scam and fraud or it really helps? Legalize?

Do you believe marijuana for medical use is a scam and for money and does not really work? Does it in your opinion help with medical symptoms and conditions? Do you think it should be legalized? PS I have a medical marijuana card.


Is spending Social Security disability benefits on illegal drugs fraud?

I know a mother/son team who both draw social security disability. They spend the majority of it on marijuana (living in a state that does not recognize medical marijuana in any way shape or form). Recently they have begun using disability money to buy large quantities and sell. My question is, is this purely a […]


Cheap place in los angeles/ van nuys area to get a medical marijuana card?

i recieved a medical marijuana prescription about 2 months ago, and now the doctor had been deemed a fraud and i am looking for another doctor to evaluate for another prescription (not too expensive) in the van nuys/ los angeles area. If anyone knows of any i’d greatly appreciate it! thanks

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