Law suit… life insurance fraud..PLEASE HELP ME!!!?

My fiancee father died and left him and his brother 0,000 from a company life insurance policy. The insurance company looked for them but couldn’t locate the brothers because they lived in another country. When they turned 18 they were sent here with a document stating that this money was theirs and should be collected. […]


Obama has done (and still is doing) social security fraud!?

This is "What Obama doesn’t want you to see" it’s pretty long, running 9:50, yet very informing – i you get tired of watching it, fast forward to the end – it mentions Obama doing social security fraud. Here’s an important one about Robert Gibbs, who is the White House Press Secretary. He’s the […]


what is the National Medical Office? Are the a fraud? Why do their reps have middle east accents?

I was contacted by a company insisting I register for their medical program.They claimed it was a mandatory part of medicare and had some general personal info.about me. They also insisted I give them my banking info. When I refused he became very aggitated and again insisted that participation and registration were mandatory. My web […]

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