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Are you perpetrating a fraud?

You know what I’m talking about! You answer medical questions on YAHOO!Answers, even though the closest you’ve come to graduating from medical school is watching re-runs of SCRUBS? Are you a doctor, or are you just playing one on YAHOO??


Fraud? or not? Sticky situation?

Let’s say someone was offered a Business line of credit, when they didn’t own a business, or were not However, they desperately needed a safety net. And this person took care of the safety net the best he could, and is still trying to pay the debts incurred. Then a few years down the line, […]


What do i do? husband's ex violated child support order knowingly…?

On August 13, 2009 my husband was ordered to pay child support. The court order had all kinds of stipulations about medical, school, daycare, etc. One of the orders (number 14) in the court order states exactly: The respondent shall claim CHASITY (last name) for tax exemptions every year and the Petitioner shall claim CAITLYNN […]


Does anyone know if my brother could get in to medical school if he has a "non-violent" felony conviction?

My brother has a white collar crime (att. wire fraud) from 5 years ago and is looking for a career change. I have told him to look into medical school since he already has a BS and MBA.


How can a LEGAL US immigrant arriving as a minor but now an adult separate from her parents’ deportation?

This is a long and complex question, so it may take someone with immigration law experience to answer, but I would greatly appreciate any answers or advice that anyone can contribute. My friend immigrated here with her parents when she was 14 years of age. Since that time, she has done everything right, followed all […]

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