Why do advocates for illegal aliens justfiy all their actions by saying they work hard?

If I follow the plan right as long as you are a hard worker, you may use fraud all you want, if you pick fruit you get to apply for welfare,food stamps, why because you are a hard worker. You may get medical services for free, why because you are a hard worker. You may […]


Medical ID theft in another state….will the police really do anything to help me? Any other advice?

I’m in Texas, and used to be a resident of Michigan. I moved in 2003. I found out today that someone used my information (my maiden name, date of birth, social security number) to receive medical services at 2 different facilities for their child in 2006 in Michigan. I have not been back to Michigan […]


Why Does Planned Parenthood Use the Term “Clients” Instead of “Patients”?

I find it incredibly odd that they refer to the women that are treated at their clinics as "clients." Shouldn’t they be patients since they are receiving medical services? Do they do that in order to give the client less rights, since along with the term "patients" comes a lot of rights? How could someone […]

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