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Who else thinks its cute that rich republicans, who inherited their wealth, are calling Soc.Security a fraud?

Tea-Partyists and Far-righters, are now referring to the Social Security system, to which I’ve paid into, as have most other Middle Class members,or 50 years, a "Ponzi Scheme". Isn’t it clear yet, that wealthy Far-right Conservatives have NO respect for the Middle Class? The only thing they are conserving, is their family’s inheritance!


Do hard working U.S. Americans enjoying being ripped off by fraudsters and other crooks?

For example why would any sane person enjoy being ripped off on investments people put into derivatives sold, traded and by wall street brokers? My point is having regulations on derivaties to prevent and stop fraud is opposed by conservatives including both the republican and libertarian politicians – why is that? Could it be […]


Why do most of the wealthy…have a hard time putting their money where their mouth is when it comes to…?

Why do most of the wealthy and their political supporters have a hard time putting their money where their mouth is like they expect everybody else to when it comes to them ‘tightening their belt’ and ‘making sacrifices for the greater good’ of the economy? For example regarding to health care reform or taxes (for […]


is this going to be the worst recession this country has ever been in?

1. government overtaxing middle class 2. weaker and weaker dollar 3. rising cost of energy, especially oil 4. lower wages, job security 5. government and corporate fraud to investors 6. rising health care 7. frozen pension funds 8. global demand for energy rising 9. wars to come 10. the deficit 11. employment to unemployment to […]


Is Capitalism ruining the World???

Global Warming Corporate Fraud Shrinkage of the Middle class Increasing poverty Decline of religion Celebration of people like Donald Trump & Paris Hilton Government Fraud (Lobbyists) 3rd world anger/envy Obesity spread (thru MacDonalds International) Oil prices Shanti I’m hoping for responses from capitalists, economists and conservatives. I already know what the Liberals think.


Did anyone see Jon Stewart hammer Jim Kramer on The Daily Show?

What were your thoughts? Personally, I loved it. I would like to send this sort of message all the way up to the top of these major corporations, such as what CNBC is a part of. I respect Jon Stewart for being the voice for all of us who are the working middle class and […]


How about these actions for the oil companies:government takeover, criminal charges of ceo's, suspend trading?

Here’s some answers for the oil companies’ greed and arrogance: threat of government takeover, criminal investigation for price manipulation and fraud, suspend stock and futures trading. For oil companies in foreign companies: trade embargo. These oil companies are gouging the public and the hard working, middle class is suffering. The politicians are either afraid or […]


Why do cons think they can make up their own reality?

Let me give you an example: economics. Conservatives believe that by cutting taxes (mostly for the rich), deregulating the economy, and cutting social programs for the working poor, you can increase the rate of growth. This is basically SUPPLY SIDE economics as seen under Reagan and Bush Jr. Liberals believe that by shifting taxes to […]


Illegal immigration and welfare fraud..Is this “Corporate Americas” way of blaming problems on the poor?

seems like the same old lie repackaged….You people are struggling because of the drain on you by the poor…yeah right it couldn’t be taxing the poor and giving to the rich could it? Example oil companies record the highest profits in history then recieve corporate welfare. The poor are taxed depending on your definition of […]


TV fraud, why when someone brakes a game show rules they end up in a court of law?

(who want to be a millionaire?) But when a game show steal from the public, there are no charges? I don’t watch them. Maybe because from an early age. I noticed that the only children at that time that won were white middle class. I have also told friends, who have phoned these programes "Have […]


Who else had more money when Clinton was in office?

In my opinion, there was a good balance between the economy and the middle-class cost of living. Medicare is riddled with fraud and according to many documents, Congress cannot account for much of our money spent as tax-payers. Who else has to struggle more these days than they did several years ago?

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