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Can employers put tracking devices on private vehicles?

My brother’s employer is trying to put tracking devices on his employee’s cars. Thing is, the company does not own vehicles for company use and instead requires employees to use their own vehicles. They are compensated by turning in mileage logs and getting 0.45 cents for every mile they drive to and from the rental […]


i just bought a car with the odometer rolled back. what can i do?

i just bought a 96 honda civic ex auto with 98k miles. the person that i bought it from claimed it had that much mileage and he just bought it a month ago but now he needs something bigger for his wife and kids but i just did a carfax report on it and the […]


Why is auto insurance fraud so hard to catch?

I am doing a paper for one of my college classes. It’s about fraud in the auto insurance field. From what I have researched so far, it seems if a driver lies about what they use their car for (to commute, fun, etc.) or lie about the address, stays under their annual mileage rate, and […]


suspect odometer fraud?

I am planning to buy this 2000 model ES300 which has really low mileage for its year. The car has 48,000 miles. I did a carfax and it shows the following mileage pattern: 1st Owner (Registered as corporate lease vehicle): 7/2000 to 8/2003 (3 yrs): 33,000 miles 2nd Owner: 8/2003 to 2/2005 (15 months): 2000 […]

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