Help!!! I am worried that I am in trouble with the law!!!! SUGAR DADDY FRAUD!?

OK- so i was dating this guy who has been financially supporting me for the past 2 years including giving me his credit card number and me making online purchases. He also has offered me a place to live which he would rent out for me and has given me thousands of dollars in cash. […]


If you were to live a life of crime, what sort of criminal activity would you prefer to focus on?

I would like to be a computer genius who could deduct a penny or so out of every millionaire’s (in the whole world) bank account every month. This crime, it could be argued, would harm no one, but would vastly help myself. Unfortunately, I am not a computer genius. By the way, if someone commits […]


What do you guys think about the TBN big money fraud preachers?

It seems a lot of the millionaire preachers on TBN sure do love the money more than the Lord. The Crouches that live in SEPERATE MANSIONS, paid for by TBN followers. Or Jan Crouch, asking Grandmothers to send their grocery money to TBN-the clip is on How about Joyce Meyer$ and her family, all […]

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