To Whom and How do you report phyiscian complaints?

There’s a chiropractor in waterloo, WI. He acts like he is a God and can prevent women from getting breast cancer. He has no stats to prove his claim. Of course not, he is a fraud if making such a statement. He also enjoys talking about how he has cured this patient and that patient […]


need some legal advice about my brother’s kids?

my brother and his girlfriend have 3 children 4,2 and 1 year the kids live with my aunt and uncle who provide for them but nobody takes them to the doctor the 4 year old has been once since he left the hospital the other kids have never been fo a checkup at all.My aunt […]


Why are online dating sites scams?

Every time I meet a woman she is always living in Africa(Nigeria)on the site she posts that she lives locally,and her Mom and Dad just died and she needs money to get to the states.

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