Is the ACORN Voter Fraud Conviction in Nevada, a Fraud Conviction for Obama ?

In 2008 ACORN was enticing the Homeless and Illegal Mexicans in Las Vegas with Free Democrat Party Asse in return for Democrat Votes. I think that Obama is still a Democrat like Harry Reid who is trying to close houses of prostitution along with houses of Children in Las Vegas. There have been no Voter […]


Can he change name 2 avoid creditors,flee prosecution,default judgment, wage garnishmnt, child support arrears

42 yr old convicted felon (in GA.) changed his 1st name 2 a Muslim name in order 2 avoid creditors, flee prosecution for 3 warrants for tickets (3 MORE turning into warrants), child supt arrears & school loans. In December I was awarded k Default Judgment against him & his unmarried baby mama based on […]

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