I am having Legal problems with my boyfriend sister and her family.?

"I am having problems with my boyfriends Family. The sister wants me out of my boyfriends house which he told me to stay there even after the Judge issued a Protective order against him. I can’t see my boyfriend because the court issued a protective order we can’t have no contact at all. The Sister […]


Should I get a lawyer for my loan dispute?

I had a loan with HSBC for my motorcycle. I was told by the salesman it was a 5 year loan at 13% for 0 a month. I filled out all the paperwork stating such but the only thing i received in return was my bill of sale from the dealer. Skip ahead 6 months […]


What should be next step for mother of a son in these circumstances?

This question was asked by me few months back but now circumstances have changed. I am telling the same (circumstances narrated earlier)for reference- One of my friend was very sad today. Her story touched my heart but I could not do anything, only one thing to console her. She grew up her son with love […]

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