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Where shall I go in Vietnam?

I’m 17 and never travelled without my parents, and I have never travelled to Asia before. So it may be quite a challenge for me! I am there looking for somewhere safe with low crime rates (e.g no scamming, no pickpocketing, no frauds, no robberies, and definitely no murders!). As well as this, I would […]


Have you noticed this about the national news outlets?

What news they deem worthy of national attention depending on demographics. This is how they have boxed it. Jews — Financial fraud, and sex scandals Hispanics – illegal immigration, and drug cartels Italians – Cosa nostra murders, and fugitives Muslim – Terrorism, and armed rebellions Black – Gang violence, and murder Homosexuals – Gay pride […]


Do all identity theft criminals make the news?

I was just wondering why so many white collar criminals make national headlines and not murderers that we never heard of? When I watch Americas Most Wanted, I would like to know why they are not all people who have committed murder? Why not put the murders first before white collar criminals? Does the government […]


Who is more likely to come forward or testify in court, the young or the old?

I’m trying to find out who or what type of people are more likely to divulge information related to crimes (whether they be murders, robberies, or white collar crimes – such as corporate fraud, etc.) that they have witnessed if they had to testify in open court. Please give a good explanation for your answer […]


Who thinks that the government is a fraud?

JFK, Abraham Lincoln, and Martin Luther King Jr. were all shot after making great speeches about freedom etc. Do you think that the government has to do with those murders?

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