if medicare and caid fraud is 25% shouldn't they hire more investigators to stop that instead of IRS agent?

With the amount at almost 0 billion for this year that would be quite a savings. throw in fines, no telling how much. There is so much fraud and waste it is like the hospitals and others are just going crazy. They now have over four hundred of these extended stay medical facilities and they […]


Why are people so angry about the Health Care Reform Bill?

Lately there has been a lot of violence occurring surrounding the new Health Care Law that has been passed. I was shocked and confused about the way people were reacting. Being angry about something is one thing, but being violent is a completely different story. We actually researched the bill in my political class, and […]


What is the real cause behind skyrocketing health care costs?

In a word, malfeasance. Your health care dollars are not being lost to any significant degree to "frivilous lawsuits." That is a lie intended to stear you away from the truth, that American medicine is corrupt to its very core. No politician has been willing to expose what all of them must know: The problem […]

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