Child support and custody question?

So my finace has 2 kids he’s ordered to pay child support for. I support that he pays this since its supposed to be for taking care of the children. The mom hasn’t had her kids in about 9 months. She just had another baby with her new husband, she has her new baby, but […]


Grandmother committed fraud. Father denies social security.?

My father is disabled. He filed for social security in March. Today, my father received the call that he was denied. He discovered why: When he was a child, his mother claimed he was adopted by her new husband. Well, new husband died and she drew disability for him even though he was not legally […]


How do you anonomously report someone filing bankruptcy for fraud?

I know, it sounds vengeful. That’s because it is. However, I have reasons. My ex-wife is filing bankruptcy with her new husband (that she left me for – her fourth husband, I might add) She has hit me pretty hard for child support. Within the last couple weeks, she received over 00 in child support, […]

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