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How much jail time will someone do for check fraud?

My friend is in jail in TX. she wrote a bad check in two cities. She had a warrant out for the first one and when she got caught for teh second one she went to jail. Im not sure how much she wrote them for. What is the norm? She has been in jail […]


Online Scam…Or am I being over-cautious? ?

I was looking at taking a out a car lease with a company on the internet…until I found they didn’t list their address on their website. I emailed them for their address and company reg no to be on the safe side. They came back to me with this: ”We are not a limited company […]


Why do most people firmly believe Jackson was a child molester?

Now I am not some crazed fan of Jackson, I barely listen to his music. But I do however feel terrible that after all he did for the world, donating over 300 million dollars to child charities, was accused of this. To me, it was obvious the the woman back in the 93 trial wanted […]


What is the best way to police Government?

Given the history of the world, corruption seems to be the norm for governments. Congressional scandals appear almost daily and it is well known in Washington that congress is virtually for sale to the highest bidder. Many serious allegation of fraud, deception, misappropriations of money and constitutional violations have been leveled at the government by […]

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