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Can employers put tracking devices on private vehicles?

My brother’s employer is trying to put tracking devices on his employee’s cars. Thing is, the company does not own vehicles for company use and instead requires employees to use their own vehicles. They are compensated by turning in mileage logs and getting 0.45 cents for every mile they drive to and from the rental […]


Car Dealership fraud?

We bought our 2006 Chevy Aveo back in 2008 through a first time buyer program. Origionally my wife was approved for a 2009. We got the 2009 but then after signing the paperwork and going home for a day we get a call saying that the financing fell through and we had to bring the […]


Is this committing fraud?

If you are collecting north carolina child support, food stamps, and medicaid, and are living in georgia; is that committing fraud?


How can i report someone committing fraud ?

How would i go about reporting someone who is committing fraud by collecting north carolina child support, food stamps, and medicaid, while living in georgia. What kind of proof would i need saying that they are not living in north carolina? And what kind of punishment would occur? Thanks for helping !


What to do if you’re a victim of identity theft?

What should you do if you suspect your identity has been stolen? I called Victoria’s Secret and they are telling me that I owe over 0 and that they have an address for me in North Carolina (which i don’t) I don’t know what to do.

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