what should i do about being harrased bye a ex-friend that wont stop?

i have had a lot of good advice from many people but i dont konw what to do still i have known this woman for only about 3 wks and she is nothing but trouble and she is trying to ruin my life and now she is involving my children. i have sontacted a lawyer […]


Can’t Get Daycare Thru Job and Family Or Any Help, Please Help!?

Hi guys, I need some help please. I moved with my fiance to live with him and my son from a previous relationship. I changed my JFS case to the county I’m in and since then I have had nothing but trouble. I tried to apply for cash assistance and was told I had to […]


What do you do if you think someone committed insurance fraud?

I think my neighbors daughter and and her husband committed insurance fraud with a truck they say got stolen. The daughter says it was the husband, but I suspect both took part because they have money problems. My neighbor, of course, thinks it was just the husband, even though her daughter has been nothing but […]

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