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How do I report phishing for my ID information and password using Yahoo mail?

Received email asking me to send all of my "unused" USERNAME/PASSWORDS so they could be reactivated by Yahoo. Can I send the message and header to Yahoo Security? How is that done? Thank you. Gary Bruce


whatever happened to edwin natividad and mayet briones and family?

Edwin Natividad and Mayet Briones designated themselves as the leaders of our Travel Ventures International group in northern California.I signed up for this online internet business on January 5th, 2010 and signed up members of my family on the same day which qualified me for immediate benefits in the form of 0.00 cash and a […]


Bank Fraud, Natwest Bank, Kind Off ?

Hello, On the 12th of this month, my brother accessed my online banking and transfered 100 pounds in to his account. I had given him my password back in May 2009 but right after changed it, In October 2009 I changed it back to that password because I got through changeing passwords on everything. I […]


What do you do to protect yourself from online fraud or identity theft?

In order for computer users to transact with confidence online, it has become increasingly important for them to protect personal and confidential data like their passwords, credit card numbers and account information. What are people doing to protect this valuable data?


To whom do I report that someone else (that I know) pulled my credit report?

My ex-wife gave someone else enough information to pull my credit report, on her behalf, through the service FCR sent me a notice in the mail, which is how I found out about it. I already have gone into my account to change passwords, etc… and shut down access. The issue is this. She […]

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