Insurance co vs agent & E&O?

What are my next best steps? Refunding me is not the point — I paid for coverage, I was honest. Caught between insurance company, agent w/an ex bf. = headache Now I have serious loss of income, expense and damages and no car. Car pd in full by ME and in my name. Background: I […]


Can you sue a police department for screwing up and causing your case to be thrown out of court?

My husband and I got ripped off by a contractor, as did about 13 other people. The DA charged the contractor with corporate fraud, racketeering, and theft by deception. The local police department was involved, but when it came to testifying against the contractor, the investigator lied under oath and as a result the judge […]


big fed law suit – family cnspracy, fraud, o.seas gvt n lwyrs fraud, US misuse. On my own w/ no lawyer. ???

me – Immigrant in US frm 87, US Citizen now. I've a big law suit -covers family abuse, marriage conspiracy and fraud by my two wives both from my own birth town in SE Asia, traditnl arranged marriages blessed by my elders. The 2 wives families took adv'tage of the arnged marriage system with crim'nl […]

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