How 2 Report Corrupt Lawyers N Illegal Aliens using VAWA and ransoming babies for greencard?

The open back door into the USA is not through US Borders but through immigration marriage fraud by petitioned fiancĂ©es who take advantage, use, and deceive innocent US citizens for immigration benefits. These parasites use US Immigration Laws and the Judiciary System to claim domestic violence against their petitioning US Citizen spouses so that in […]


What do you think about this Woman pleads guilty to running marriage immigration scheme family helped?

DALLAS (AP) – A 71-year-old woman accused of recruiting family members to marry foreigners seeking green cards pleaded guilty Wednesday to taking part in an immigration fraud conspiracy. Federal prosecutors say Maria Refugia Camarillo of Fort Worth faces five years in prison and a 0,000 fine when she is sentenced in September. She also must […]


Can an Immigration lawyer be held accountable for misfiling?

Scenario:Hungary woman (w/ young daughter) & American wed in 2000. Present day 2007-Mom & American still married by law, Hubby incarcerated for one year. They could not make the interview regarding the "alien relative petition" due to his jail time. The appointed lawyer (since inception & paid in full) advised of Hubby’s inability to appear, […]

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