Will this guy actually call the fbi on me since he is committing fraud?

About a month ago I listed a drumset on craigslist (this was my first time ever on the site so I decided to give it a try) Within a day I had someone interested in the item so I was excited…they sent me mail saying that they wanted to see pictures and know conditions etc. […]


Is This Employer Tax Fraud?

After having waited an eternity to receive my w2 from an old employer, I found that a few things seemed a little fishy about it. Namely: the tax with-held for my pay was not the minimum that is withheld in the state of Illinois. No where near the 20% that it should have been. When […]


i need help to collect a loan?

hi: i gave out a large sum of money to a friend(??) of mine. he promised verbally to make me a partner of his gas station. Later, I found out, he didnt put my name down. Right now, I cannot get hold of him. His address is unknown. His brother lives in new York. I […]

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