how to trust again in family and relationship’s?

being raised by grandparents and being sheltered has me brother. I don’t have them to run to no more. Me and my mom don’t get alone really never have. She stolen from me( check fraud) lied to me ( about father) and used me for her personal gain. i don’t know my dad. My son […]


I would like some legal advice about credit card fraud. I want to know what to expect…?

I am in a situation. I have been arrested for credit card fraud. My house was searched and the police found a sheet of paper with credit card details of 13 people. Also they found stolen goods which were not bought with those details but bought from other dodgy sellers using the same kind of […]


Can anyone tell me their experience with Community Land Trusts (CLTs) in their city or neighborhood?

Some of the neighborhoods of our city are exploring this model as a way to develop blighted areas and provide affordable housing. Here are some of the questions community activists have: Are there issues of corruption? (The CLT board putting friends and family in homes instead of other deserving people, or the CLT otherwise using […]

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