How to get a legal name change?

Where can I find information on changing my name in the state of Louisiana? Is it a simple process? Do I need a lawyer? I want a name change for personal reasons involving my adoption name not for marriage, fraud or malicious reasons. thanks for any help..


Possible credit card fraud?

My best friend might be in some trouble and we’re trying to figure this out. Her employer issued her an Amex corporate card. Although it was against company policy to use the card for personal reasons periodically she did. She had all the intentions to pay it back since she wasn’t trying to loose her […]


Who would you report fraud to regarding a non profit organization?

Falsifying grants, spending donations for personal reasons, keeping donations for employees. Wrongful termination of several employees while on medical leave, breech of confidentiality, sexual harrassment of employees, verbally and implied physical absue from management.

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