You know how you can be arrested for impersonating a doctor?

They mean medical doctor (physician), right? like you won’t go to prison for impersonating someone with a ph.d., correct? like if I were to impersonate a psychologist……that’s not a physician. I can tell people I have a ph.d. in psychology. right? (maybe not technically legal under the grounds of fraud…..but it’s not quite the same […]


Can a /whistle blower(enemy of corrupt government, law enforcement, and citizens) be your friend?

Sometimes, remote political control technology and methods that interfere, discredit, and dismantle mental and physical health are used. Also, constant unwarranted stealth moving surveillance by law enforcement who partners with a rather secret citizen force that also monitors and manages the illicit drug trade. If you don’t know, the CIA is believed to fund itself […]

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