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What should my friend sue for (She is a victim of fraud)?

My friend got into a car accident. Her car was sliding on ice at 1km an hour when she hit, more like tapped, a pedestrian. The pedestrian waited until the last week before the statute of limitation expired (2 years) to sue her for ,000. According to his medical records, what he sustained in the […]


Class Action lawsuit against a company I Invested in?

I’m invested in a company that has a Class Action lawsuit against it. The company’s stock trades at less than ½ cash. Cash = 11 Mill, lets say other assets are worth 11 Mill more. Shares lost over 250M in market cap due to fraud charges Insiders personally sold 20% of the company to very […]


Are either of these considered fraud?

a) If during a mediation the defendant party lies about their income and assets. and b) if an attorney tells their client they had done an asset check on the other party but when in court the judge asks him, he says he has not. If a settlement was reached with the above a and […]


can theft charges be filed after a trial for show cause and no appeal was made?

this is complicated. during a show cause for failure to pay child support, the plaintiff intentionally refused to disclose many payments, also charged higher insurance rates than the actual rate, the defendant was found guilty. defendant did not appeal due to several reasons, attorney fees etc. After much research and recovery of payment documentation defendant […]


Can a check by cashed by the Bankruptcy Court or trustee without endorsement of the debtor AND their lawyer?

I did not claim a lawsuit in my bankruptcy as (a) I had not be qualified as a plaintiff at the time of the bankruptcy; (b) I was not guaranteed any moneys if I was qualified. Almost a year after the bankruptcy was finished with, I was told that I would be getting some money. […]


Scientology is on trial for fraud….you think?

PARIS, France (CNN) — The Church of Scientology went on trial this week in France, accused of fraud in a case that sheds light on the group. The Church of Scientology’s bookshop in Paris is part of the case being heard in France. If found guilty, the church could be forced to shut down in […]


Seeking Contingency Fee lawyer for Franchise Fraud in Dallas /Ft Worth Area.?

I am seeking a lawyer in the Dallas/Fort Worth area who can represent me on a contingency basis. I am willing to do a 50/50 split on any Money Judgment, which is retrieved on my behalf I am seeking 0,000. I am a victim of Franchise Agreement Fraud, which was packaged to my wife and […]


Is there any defense against a frivolous ADA Scam lawsuit?

The business I work for is a small Mom and Pop auto parts store. They are being sued by a group of attorney’s that sue for a fictitious Disabled Plaintiff being discriminated against at our business. They served 100 small businesses in my area for exactly the same thing. All of our court papers are […]

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