Can a felon get a license to practice law in Florida?

I live in Florida. Please do not answer if you do not KNOW for sure. I would rather have no answers than those of opinion. I am quite aware of what logic would say, but I want to know 100%. Also, please leave out the sarcasm 🙂 I recently took a plea deal in an […]


what kind of plea deal can be offered for a fourth degree felony identity theft in ohio?

my friend was just apprehended for using someone elses debit card and withdrawing money what kiind of plea deal can be offered in the state of ohio?


For Legal Eagles: The Movie "Fargo"?

One thing I’ve always wondered is what happens to Jerry Lundegaard after the conclusion of "Fargo," other than he faces a laundry list of charges. Specifically, what charges does he face? Does he get charged with murder (maybe second degree murder)? What sort of fraud charges would he face? (It appears he was involved in […]

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