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Is it possible for a Canadian with no family in the US to move to the US?

Hi I’m a 14 year old Canadian teenager and I really want to move to the US in the future so that I can work with LAPD or NYPD or MDPD etc. Now, the only family that I have in the States are my aunt, my uncle, and my cousin, who lives in California. As […]


my case in civil court was unfair?

Three years ago I discovered that I was removed from a deed by fraud, it was a home owned by me and anothe person Tenents in Common. I call the police department to file a complaint waited 3 months before they question the othe party and then they told me they believe the other person […]


Do you think I need a lawyer?

My "friend" stole a check from another girl, wrote it out to herself for 0, and I let her use my account to cash it because she owed me money. She gave me of that because she owed me for gas. I thought I was just helping out a friend and had NO idea that […]


Can I file charges again for Credit Card Theft and Identity Theft after I have already dropped them?

It has been a year and a half since I have filed and dropped charges, do I have the option to file charges again? It was my boyfriends mother who filed the charges against my boyfriends ex-wife. She stole her credit card and told my boyfriend that she was letting her use it. He for […]


If a man admitted using a fake name & Social Security number to the tax preparer is this not a crime?

From the man to the tax preparer and why is the ACUL filing a lawsuit because of this ?After authorities investigated thousands of tax files for bogus Social Security numbers used by illegals to steal refunds, the ACLU responded with a class-action lawsuit – but now a Colorado district attorney is fighting back. The Weld […]


Do u follow precautions against on-line scams and “botnets”… Have u ever been victimized…?

Criminals who seize control of tens of thousands of home and office computers through what are known as "botnets" are a dramatically growing threat, Shawn Henry, deputy assistant director of the FBI’s Cyber Division, tells Newsmax. A botnet — short for robot network — allows a criminal to seize control of any number of computers […]


Identity fraud but family?

I found out AFTER my husbands last two deployments that money was owed to a couple of different companies. I called the companies and my husbands parents had used his ssn to open the accounts. My husband had no idea about them and was in basic training at the time. I have to go through […]


what if someone set up a break in at their home and claimed insurance fraud but noone was caught how would?

how would police prove this was insurance fraud? i know somoene who constantly gets away with this i tried to send in an anonymous call to the police department but they said there was nothing they could do without concrete evidence… the hell am i suposed to get concrete evidence on someone commiting insurance fraud?

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