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why does everyone hate short sellers?

This short selling ban is, without question, the scariest thing to come out of the whole mess. And it is not that I don’t have perspective. The meltdown of three bulge bracket I-banks and the largest insurer in the world is pretty damn scary. But at least it wasn’t the government’s doing. You see, I […]


Whose fault is it and who should pay? ?

People are losing their homes to foreclosure, real estate values are dropping, mortgage backed securities are losing their value, mortgage brokers are hiding, realtors are complaining, politicians are posturing, etc….. Mistakes have been made, others are being blamed. Greed was obviously involved. How much is fraud to blame and what role did exploiting the lax […]


why don't we stop legal immigration?

time to step back and think seriously about the impact of immigration on our faltering economy: i.e. self serving politicians, deficit spending, welfare, medicaid, job creation, and existing infrastructure problems. corporate fraud.


Is Crime necessary for the success of capitalism and why?

It is said that crime does not pay, but this is only true for the individuals caught committing crime. Crime reduces the price of goods when the goods are stolen. Bankers and CEO’s benefit when they steal from and defraud investors. Pyramid scams make others millions. Smuggling, prostitution and drugs have built banks, communities and […]


Why do people often cite education as something only government can provide?

Often, I have heard people defend the necessity of government by arguing that government is necessary to provide the "public good" of education. I have actually heard people argue that, unless the government collects taxes to fund a "free" government education system, nobody will be able to get an education. Obviously, this can be disproven […]


Why is auto insurance fraud so hard to catch?

I am doing a paper for one of my college classes. It’s about fraud in the auto insurance field. From what I have researched so far, it seems if a driver lies about what they use their car for (to commute, fun, etc.) or lie about the address, stays under their annual mileage rate, and […]


Isn't it fair to say that this economic crisis was caused by greed?

Corporate fraud, and corruption in Washington. This is one of the reasons I voted for John McCain in the last go-around. I heard him say many times that he wanted to put an end to corporate fraud and corruption in Washington. I’m all for that! What steps has the Obama Administration taken to put an […]


Why is the criminal justice system in America designed as it is?

After years of observation. I have come to the conclusion that ANY LEGISLATION PASSED AT STATE AND FEDERAL LEVEL is passed for only a couple of reasons and those reasons have nothing to do with improving the lives of the American people but always to improve the size and numbers of corporate bank accounts and […]


How about these actions for the oil companies:government takeover, criminal charges of ceo's, suspend trading?

Here’s some answers for the oil companies’ greed and arrogance: threat of government takeover, criminal investigation for price manipulation and fraud, suspend stock and futures trading. For oil companies in foreign companies: trade embargo. These oil companies are gouging the public and the hard working, middle class is suffering. The politicians are either afraid or […]


How accurate do you believe political polls to be?

I just recieved a political phone call whose agenda seemed to be only trying to figure out what would motivate the people to allow a tax increase while locally people are loosing jobs and houses. Also all the questions were no yes answers along with very biased such that surely if a poll were made […]


Is it possible that these daily wild swings in the stock markets …?

can be interpreted as blackmail by the banksters and the power-elite? What a roller coast ride the markets have been on — way up one day — way down the next — then the cycle repeats. You have to have a thick skin to watch it daily! Do the power-elite have enough wealth that they […]


Is our government going to do anything to hit corporate fraud in the mouth?

This subject has not gotten much media attention recently. I do remember President Bush, and John McCain among others discuss this issue. I believe this issue is important because it is the very source of the economic crisis we face today. The President is just one man. I don’t think it is fair to put […]


IF politicians truly cared about business ethics…why dont they make it stick with laws?

why the charade of constantly giving these crooked business …and we know they are crooked and have larceny in their heats…..why do these politicians give them latitude to make more bad decisions that are against the country’s interests…stealing from tax payers ..and then come back later trying to shame them and say what they should […]


Given the general acceptence that fraud is prevelent within the supportive medical programs that are in effect?

at this very moment. And given the general acceptance the fraud has been ongoing for YEARS. Wouldn’t it be prudent to say that the government CANNOT be trusted to run Nationalized Health Care without multibillion dollars worth of fraud in the future? This is in continuence to a question I posted earlier: (How do you […]

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