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Is this Medicare fraud? What will happen to me for this mistake?

2 years ago I became the emergency legal guardian for my mother because my brother was using his power of attorney to steal things from her. I admitted her into the nursing home and filled out a form of her assets. I knew she had a funeral policy that she had paid for 30 years. […]


Can both parents in a lesbian/gay couple be on the birth certificate?

Ok so I’m posting a question that I already know the answer to but when I was first searching for the answer I looked here on yahoo answers and never found a good answer. My partner and I went to a sperm bank (the one located in Washington NW Andro) and purchased sperm which was […]


Possible Fraud with Power of Attorney, Please Help?

My dad married this woman four years ago or so. He got a Power of Attorney. He said they got one because she could use his money in emergency situations. Instead, this woman went behind his back got herself her own apartment and opened credit cards up in his name and had those bills sent […]


Inheritance fraud?

Since a death, nearly a year ago, the executor (who also has power of attorney) has not shown a copy of the Will, has not filed the death with the county, sold the house for a seemingly very low price, and becomes very angry when questioned for any details. He has also not given any […]


I am looking for Intense Marketing Solutions, LLC, in Oregon. They = fraud. Need address & telephone number.?

They have taken advantage of my sister, who is not well. Fraud = 5.00. I am trying to resolve this for Penny. I am her Power of Attorney. We are seeing lawyers and perhaps will go to court. I am trying to locate their address and current telephone number in Oregon. I don’t know the […]


Possible Tax Fraud??

I left my abusive husband after two years… He since tried to file taxes and claim our son… and he was going to keep all of the return. I heard about it, and used my power of attorney to file taxes for the family. I asked him for his address to send his share of […]


Is this Social Security Disability Fraud?

My friend is power of attorney for her mother, who is in a nursing home. The mother gets SSD checks every month. My friend used some of the money to pay some of the other bills coming into the house (her mother’s house). Is she bound by law to give all of the SSD money […]


is this fraud or what would the charge be?

My sister in law was involved in an accident with another member of my family. Her mother went around to cops, insurance companies, courthouse etc. and told them all that she was my sister inlaws power of attorney and they gave her information. She is using this information to cause trouble for my other family […]


My mom moved to Texas and was working in Hawaii for the past five years.What state does she file unemployment?

So, she had to move to Texas to help save my grandmother’s house and file to be my grandmother’s power of attorney due to another family member commiting fraud against my grandmother…..Anyway, she is looking for a job in Texas but, wants to file for unemployment in the meantime….She has only worked in Hawaii for […]


How to report Social Security Fraud?

A former neighbor of mine went to jail for drug possession and drug dealing. She cannot make bail and is facing a 20-30 year sentence. She is a Social Security recipient and has given her boyfriend power of attorney to cash the checks. I know she is not eligible to receive social security benefits while […]

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