Omama talks investment? Would you invest with a stock broker with his record? Or would you demand his aaa rest?

Obama’s got some gall referring his mob crony payoffs as investment. It’s bad enough he did what he did, now he wants us to trust him again? How forking stupid does he think we are? I now have to stomp out lies & propaganda that WILL come up; Because the fact is NO! Bush didn’t […]


Why does the left accuse Fox News of being exactly what the Prog Media Conglomerate is, but Fox News isn't?

You don’t find Fox omitting serious news like the Panthers being obstructed from Justice for intimidating Voters & polling places. The facts of the Plame case, which is the prosecution 1. Knew there was no crime 2. who exposed her and that it wasn’t a Bush administration guy 3. Told the guy who did expose […]

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