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Question about child benefit UK?

So i am extremely worried and would like to ask someones opinion on this matter. I am a UK citizen, i was living in the UK with my partner and we got pregnant. When i was further along in my pregnancy my parents who live in Canada invited me over there to stay with them […]


Does anyone feel that "sexual fraud" should be a criminal offense akin to rape?

Examples of sexual fraud: -Saying that you don’t have any STDs when you’re in full knowledge that you do -Saying that you’re above the age of consent when you know you’re not and then ruining his or her life by calling rape – Saying that you’re on birth control, or have had a tubal ligation […]


i did not allow the father of my child to sign his birth certificate, does he have any rights?

the father of my child is a bad guy, not only is he a criminal but he was abusive to me during my pregnancy and a little while afterwards until i left him. he was not at the hospital at the time of my son’s birth, he came about 8 hours after he was born […]


Am I committing foodstamp fraud? (Foodstamp and Former Case workers, help me out?)?

Right now I am living with a man who is my boyfriend and I am currently pregnant, but it isn’t his child. Now when I did my application, I was honest about my situation. We do split rent and have different food expenses. Because of the fact that I pay rent and that he is […]


How do you spot a woman doing paternity fraud?

Here are the case points -one night stand and he "pulled out" -never told him about the pregnancy only after baby was born -every time he brings up paternity testing she threatens with getting more money out of him -insists on being paid under the table -bothers his father at work and makes him sign […]


Any attorneys out there know anything about Child Support?

I receive pregnancy medicaid and I know once the baby is born I am obligated to cooperate with the state in order to establish child support payments. If I say I don’t know who the father is I lose my benefits and I DO know who the father is, as does my Dr…also its on […]


sister in law is a scam artist…. how could she be using her deceased child's identity?

in a nut shell: my sister in law is a nasty scam artist. She has gotten away with credit card fraud and stilling peoples mail… she only had a years probation. Anyway. She somehow obtained her notary license a few years back. Well, I think she’s up to something. She is using the alias of […]


social security fraud? is this illegal?

I need some legal advice about a social security issue. I just recently found this out. My ex husband lives in a different state, so I can’t be for sure when he tells me stuff. he gets ssi for his back, because of that, he doesn’t have to work and therefor doesn’t have to pay […]


Is it fraud if I borrow money but am unable to pay it back? If so, will I go to jail for Estafa?

My brother was forced to marry a girl. She said he got her pregnant and her family said they would charge my brother with rape if he didn’t marry. I had to pay for the wedding. It cost me 55,000 and I only had 30,000. So I borrowed 25,000 from the family of the girl […]


Can a wife be held accountable for opening credit card accounts in her husbands name without his consent?

My brother is at the beginnings of a divorce and his lovely wife *sarcasim* opened over 4 credit cards in his name without his knowing. Among other acts of deception including marrying him for health insurance to take care of a pregnancy and a child that she lied and said was his and taking money […]


I would like to know if a woman who marries another man but still uses her ex husband’s insurance ?

for medical care due to her pregnancy for her husband’s child considered insurance fraud?


Proposal for another child support law?

In the rare, but never-the-less existing circumstance that a woman "tricks" a man into getting her pregnant (and you’d have to legally prove this had happened, which is no easy feat in and of itself), if she tries to claim child support, that the guy actually pays child support until the child is 21. At […]

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