TANF Fraud?

My fiance’s ex was just busted for collecting TANF on her second child but she has not had him. The babies dad has had him. We are fighting for custody of my fiance’s son. Will this help our case? She has housing assistance, food stamps, and all the above. Could she get into trouble? Note: […]


What Could the Government Do About Healthcare Instead of Nothing and Instead of Obamacare?

Let’s just say that doing nothing is not an option. OK And that Obama-Care is a crappy option that will be hugely expensive, that will steal people’s Medicare Trust Fund, and that will only make a small dent in the problem of the Uninsured. OK — those are just assumptions for the sake of argument, […]


step-mother signed hospital documents as mother?

I received an e-mail from my ex stating "we" had taken him to see a "doctor" for a sore throat. I asked my ex for doctor info, i got no reply so I asked my son who told me it was a hosp…where is step-mom works. I went to get medical records to take to […]

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